Drishti दृष्टि IAS History Hindi Class Notes-IAS Exam

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Drishti दृष्टि IAS History Hindi Class Notes-IAS Examination topics are listed below…


  • Pre-Historic in India
  • Indus Civilization
  • Geographical Distribution

Vedic Society

  • Political and Social Organization Evolution
  • Change from Rigvedic to later Vedic phases

State formation and Urbanization

  • Mahajanapadas to the Nandas
  • Jainism and Buddhism

The Mauryan Empire.

  • Chandragupta;
  • Megasthenes.
  • Jahangir, Shahjahan and Aurangzeb
  • Asoka and his Inscriptions
  • Culture and Art.

Post-Mauryan India

  • Evolution of Jatis
  • Sangam Test and Society
  • Sakas, Parthians, Kushanas; Kanishka. Contacts


  • Early Medieval India
  • Cultural trends,
  • Drain of Wealth (Tribute); land revenue settlements (zamindari, ryotwari, mahalwari)
  • Thirteenth and fourteenth Centuries
  • The Portuguese. Monotheistic movements


  •  British expansion
  • The Carnatic Wars
  • Growth of Indian middle class
  • The three Anglo-Maratha Wars
  • Social reforms measures before 1857
  • Economic Impact of the British Raj
  • Introduction of western education and modern ideas
  • Resistance to British rule : Early uprisings;
  • Khilafat and Non Cooperation Movement,
  • Separatist Trends in Indian nationalist politics-
  • India independent to 1964.
  • Planning and state-controlled industrialization
  • Border conflict with China and Chinese aggression.

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